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Houston Fourth Fest

Thu July 4, 2024 Houston, TX 77070 US Directions

Beer Mile


Houston's Beer Mile Championship will take place in conjunction with the Houston Fourth Fest. A challenge of mind, body, and beer enjoyment to test athletes of all skill levels. 



All Beer Mile participants must go through at ID check on race morning before being allowed to participate. IDs will be checked at the packet pickup tent which can be found on the north side of the south Vintage Park parking lot noted on the Live Race Site Map linked below. Once checked in, a wristband will be placed on your left or right wrist that must be worn through the duration of the Beer Mile contest. Failure to have a wristband will result in not being able to participate. Please note that even if you picked up your packet early you will still need to go through the ID check on race morning. REMEMBER; NO WRISTBAND, NO PARTICIPATE!


A 1/4 mile loop around the Vintage Park Parking lot allows for a great racing and spectating experience. Athletes will start and finish at the same place the Road Race finishes.

At the start of the race all athletes in the heat will line up at the start line. When the starting horn sounds all athletes in the heat will consume a 12oz can of beer (provided at the event by Michelob Ultra) and run the entire 1/4 mile loop back to the start/finish. Once the 1st lap is complete, runners will stop, consume another 12oz can or bottle of beer and then run another loop. This continues until the 4th loop is completed and your official finish time is recorded. 





There will be no more than 10 runners in each heat and heats are self-seeding. When we begin making calls for the first heat, 10 participants can line up in the start corral. If 10 participants do not self-seed we will call for a specific race number range. All participants in that number range must line up in the corral or risk being marked as DNS (did not start). 



For details about the race schedule please click HERE

For packet pickup details please click HERE



All registered participants will receive the following at packet pickup

Awards will be given to top finishers based on finish time.

  • Overall: top 1 male & female
  • Masters (ages 40+): top 1 male & female
  • Grand Masters (age 50+): top 1 male & female




In order for your time to be official all the following rules must be followed. The Beer Mile overall rules are pretty straightforward; alternate drinking 4 beers and running 4 one quarter mile laps and be the fastest to do it. We have used the Beer Mile Official Rules from as a baseline to create our Beer Mile Rules & Etiquette Guidelines.

  1. Each competitor drinks four cans or bottles of beer and runs four laps around a 1/4-mile course (start with consuming a beer, then run a lap, then beer, then lap, then beer, then lap, then beer, then lap - finish).
  2. Beer must be consumed before the lap begins within the transition zone. The transition area is the 9-meter zone between the starting line for a mile race and the finish line.
  3. The race begins with competitors lined up on the mile starting line, drinking the first beer in the transition zone described in the step above. Competitors can walk/move in the transition area while drinking, but all beer must be consumed in the transition area before setting off to run a lap.
  4. Competitors must drink canned or bottled beer that is provided by the event. We will have a gluten-free option available on request.
  5. Beer cans must not be tampered with in any manner. (e.g. no shot-gunning, puncturing the can, squeezing the can, etc.). The only action allowed is opening the can with the tab at the top.
  6. Each beer can/bottle must be opened by the competitor inside the transition zone on each lap.
  7. Competitors who vomit before they finish the race will be penalized 2 minutes. If any competitor vomits on any race equipment at any time (before, during, or after the race) they will be disqualified and marked as a DQ for the Beer Mile.
  8. If walking on the course please stay to the left to allow faster participants to pass on the right.
  9. Headphone and strollers are not allowed in the Beer Mile.
  10. Make sure you wear your bib on the front and on your outermost layer of clothing. This helps ensure photographers can tag your race photos and will reduce the changes of a missed read from your timing chip at the lap finish point.
  11. Have fun, but stay safe and responsible. If at any time you are not feeling well please let a race crew member know. There is a medical tent at the finish line.


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